BLM Circularity T-Shirt

Chop Chop BLM T-shirts 

As part of our commitment to Anti Racism- This T-Shirt was designed with for two core reasons. 1st: to keep the solidarity alive through self expression that clothing allows us all to project. 2nd- to raise money for the Black Curriculum- A wonderful Charity that is focused on doing the tough job of educating all kids in the UK on black history. They are also working hard on lobbying the U.K. government to include black history into the national curriculum, rather than a subject that is touched only one month in the year.


Education is critical to breaking the chains of systemic and unconscious racism.


A wise person once said- “Diversity is a fact of life which we have no choice over. However, inclusion is a choice”!


We ask that you contribute to this cause by buying a t-shirt and committing to process educating on Anti Racism.